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Daibiru Corporation Japan acquired Saigon Tower Office Building in January 2012 by the acquisition of the shares of Daibiru Saigon Tower Co., Ltd. (formerly Saigon Tower Co., Ltd.) through the SPC in British Virgin Islands. The Building was built in December 1996 by The Hong Kong Chiap Hua Group and has been operating and serving for more than 20 years. Since its launch to the office lease market in 1996, Saigon Tower Building has played as a market leader in the Central Business District of Ho Chi Minh City.

Daibiru Corporation was established in Osaka in 1923. The Company owns 12 office buildings for lease in Osaka and Tokyo respectively with some rather small size of many residences for lease.

Its main focus has always been on office lease since the foundation. When the Company decided to make investment outside Japan at the first time, it chose Vietnam. Daibiru Corporation acquired Saigon Tower as a first asset abroad in January 2012 and CornerStone Building in December 2014.

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