Daibiru have been engaged in office building leasing since its establishment.
Knowledge and experience from 90 years operation is applied to residential property leasing
and property management businesses.

daibiru group Office Building Leasing

Daibiru owns and leases 24 properties in center Tokyo and Osaka. Daibiru’s long history of reliability and wealth
of experience enable Daibiru to satisfy a variety of tenant requirements, and Daibiru constantly strives to provide
a comfortable business environment through renovation of buildings.

Daibiru acquired its first overseas office building, Saigon Tower in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in January 2012,
and since then Daibiru have expanded its presence overseas with building management know-how
accumulated over 80 years in Japan.

Gross floor area of properties in Vietnam (Saigon Tower and Cornerstone)
is about to reach 10% of Daibiru’s all the properties.

daibiru group Property Management

The functions required for operating buildings — “Facilities,” “Cleaning” and “Security” — are held within the Group.
Real estate specialists of each Group company offer quality services with the latest know-how.

daibiru group Residential Property Leasing

Daibiru applies its expertise acquired through building management
in our residential property leasing business.

Daibiru develops residence halls for students, apartment buildings for businesspeople on temporary assignment
away form their families as well as condominiums for families.

Daibiru has further expanded the scope of our business activities to include urban residences that
foster fulfilling lifestyles, including private assisted-living nursing homes.

saigon tower The Building

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